Multi Units
1,560 per unit
Square Feet

Features at a glance

1,560 sq. ft. of living area on 2 levels
3 bedrooms on second level with a full bathroom area
Utility area off of hallway
1/2 bath on first level
Separate hallway from kitchen to front entrance
Open concept living and dining rooms
Adjacent kitchen off of the dining room
Optional front porch and bay window

Additional Features:

With the optional bay window and front porch , this 1,560 sq. ft. 3 bedroom duplex is an upgrade from the traditional duplex appearance. In a large land area, duplex units can also be attached for advantage and better available land utilization. The living and dining rooms are laid out for the open concept feeling while the kitchen is offset yet attached to the dining area.

An optional single car attached garage makes this duplex look expansive. The front entrance and optional porch are at opposite end for privacy. Three bedrooms are located on the second floor with an adjacent utility area located off of the hallway. A 1/2 bath is located on the first floor with a full bath on the second floor.

Customizable options are also available