Multi Units
1,380 per unit
Square Feet

Features at a Glance

1,380 sq. ft. in either a 3 or 2 bedroom second floor layout.
1 + 1/2 + ensuite bath
Walk-in closet off of the master bedroom
Street level private entrance
Development of the sub-ground level to increase living area
Easily expandable design

Additional Features:

A two story condominium with the option of a 3 bedroom or 2 bedroom layout. Either unit has 1,380 sq. ft. of living space. A 1/2 bath is located on the first floor and a full bath with ensuite bath off of the master bedroom is located on the second floor. Both master bedrooms have a walk-in closet. The ground level windows allow for the development of the sub-ground level thereby adding another 50 % to the living area.

Customizable options are also available